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  State Farm Insurance El Dorado Springs, MO Kelli  MedicalLodges - Butler, MO  Chuck;s Occasional Sale
Butler Bears 67 El Dorado Springs Bulldogs 42 GBB
Lockwood Tigers 57 Butler Bears 47 BBB
Butler Bears (2) vs. Archie Whirlwinds (7), GBB, 4:30PM, 1/22
Butler Bears (7) vs. Rich Hill Tigers (2), BBB, 6PM, 1/22
Osceola Tournament Day Four, 4:30PM, 1/25
Osceola Tournament Consolation/G3rd Place, 5PM, 1/26
Osceola Tournament B3rd Place/Championships, 5PM, 1/27
Butler Bears @ Buffalo Bison, GBB, 6PM, 2/12 
Butler Wrestling Tri (Warsaw & Lexington)
Miller Cardinals 60 Butler Bears 57 OT GBB
Clever Blue Jays 65 Stockton Tigers 25 GBB
Buffalo Bison 51 El Dorado Springs Bulldogs 30 GBB
El Dorado Springs Bulldogs 71 Rich Hill Tigers 46 BBB
Butler Bears 50 Dadeville Bearcats 43 BBB
     Rick Ball Ford of Sedalia   Thrivent Financial, Mandy Yates, Butler, MO    WK Chevy - Sedalia, MO     Noe Miller & Miller Optometrists - Butler, MO    Opera House Theater- El Dorado Springs, MO   Union Restaurant and Public House
The Best Live High School and
College Sports Broadcasting
in West Central Missouri

Welcome to Prepcasts-KC Mo West, part of the Prepcasts network, and your premier source for internet broadcasts.  Prepcasts-KCMW features Missouri high school sporting events broadcast weekly during the high school season, and archived for later listening enjoyment.

You won't find a better product as play-by-play man James Damon has worked in the broadasting industry, both radio and internet, for over 25 years, broadcasting over a thousand games and multiple state champions at the high school level, in addition to multiple Final Fours at the collegiate level.

Enjoy the website and its' amenities, featuring links to other network partners (Prepcasts and Prepcasts-St. Genevieve), how to partner with Prepcasts-KCMW, and great high school (and, as we grow, small college) broadcasts.

Many blessings to you,

James Damon
Prepcasts Area Director
Prepcasts-KCMW Founder/President

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The Carpenters Cup Christian Books and Gifts    Xtreme Motors, Home of Japanese Mini Trucks and ATV Sales, Service and Parts   The X-Group Publishing, Butler, MO   
Studio 201, Salon and Tanning, Adrian, MO  
Del's Appliance Heating and Cooling, Adrian, MO    
American Family Insurance butler, MO Danny Robinson Agent            
Adrain Service Center, Quality Preowned Vehicles, Tires, Service    Sac Osage Publishing Osceola, MO     
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