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Advertising with Prepcasts-KCMW

The Prepcasts network offers one of the best opportunities available to advertise and market your particular product or service.  With Prepcasts-KCMW your advertising dollars are maximized in three avenues, including live mentions during each broadcast, at least one commercial played during each broadcast, and banner advertising linked to your website (or Facebook page, etc.).

In addition, every Prepcasts broadcast is guaranteed archived for two years ensuring a continuing web presence.  As the Prepcasts product continues to grow, your advertising dollars stretch further as well, as video broadcasts are coming to Prepcasts-KCMW in the near future.

Internet is the hottest medium for advertising right now as the platform continues to grow beyond expectations.  Radio, television, and print ads each have their place in the advertising pie, but their slices continue to diminish as technology continues to grow and the internet, along with its' massive potential, continues to amass larger portions of that same pie.  Radio, TV, and print even promote their products on the internet, and often advertise there as well.

Simple statistics (and even simpler conversations with people you know) show that the vast majority of Americans get plugged into the internet each and every single day.  The same can no longer be said for reading local papers (unless it happens online), listening to the radio (also more prominent online), and though television remains a strong factor in many peoples' lives, the platforms to view programming are changing rapidly as many now view or listen to movies, sporting events, and other TV programming on cell phones, computers, and other mobile devices.

The simple truth is that if you are not beginning to invest and partake of the internet advertising pie, your business is likely suffering.  While you may not be losing business, you likely are not gaining additional business.  Let Prepcasts-KCMW set you on solid footing in internet advertising if you're a first-time internet rookie, or a seasoned veteran simply looking to expand your growing business.

In addition to the above benefits, you are supporting area high schools and their extra curricular programs.  People always appreciate businesses and business owners that find themselves vested in their communities.  Helping support the promotion of athletic events, athletic accomplishments, and the student athletes themselves is truly something to be proud of in area communities, and Prepcasts-KCMW is the best local vehicle to provide that support.

Check out our rate card here (Prepcasts-KCMW rates) or contact us for more information (jdamon@prepcasts-kcmw.com).